Capacity Building

EPCGF and Reef finalized the “Strategic Plan 2024-2026” assignment. This TA was conducted by Solutions Co. as it aimed to identify and validate Reef’s value proposition and its position in the market. The submitted strategic plan was detailed and well-structured as it provided Reef with a better understanding of the future goals and tasks in needs to meet.

Reef’s Strategic Plan (2024-2026)

ACAD’s IT Management Manual

EPCGF and ACAD had concluded the “IT Management Manual”. This was one of the TA assignments developed by the consulting agency Go Global. The aim of this task was to create new policies and procedures the Palestine Monetary Authority required from the MFIs.

EPCGF and ASALA started a new LCB process for” ASALA’s Risk Management Manual”, one of EPCGF’s TA assignment. The Procurement Committee will meet to discuss the submitted Technical Proposals in due course.

ASALA’s Risk Management Manual

EPCGF’s Partner Banks Workshops

  • An informative one-day training session was held at Al-Carmel Hotel for one of EPCGF’s Partner Banks, Jordan Ahli Bank (JAB), to expand their knowledge about EPCGF’s mission and products. The session was delivered by EPCGF’s Senior Credit Officer.

  • EPCGF is still holding workshops with partner banks to educate them about EPCGF’s mission, vision, and products. The workshops are going to be concluded by September 2023. 

EPCGF contracted the Center of Continuous Education (CCE)- Birzeit University to develop a professional SME diploma for its partner Banks and MFIs credit officers; to assure the development of their current competencies in terms of SMEs management context.

Success and Excellence Diploma